Agent/Publisher Search

Small Press Search

I’ve officially decided to go the self-publishing route. This week anyway. Hubby and I had a nice chat about it yesterday and he said I should do what I wanted. So I’ve been looking for small press/independent publishers. I made a list of 54 that I found on  Poets&Writers, and then I narrowed it down to 10. 

Is that a good starting point? I feel like I’m being too picky about this. But shouldn’t I be? I mean, it’s my pretend name that is being represented. For example, if the website seemed too snooty, I moved on. Also, if I found a typo (I wasn’t even trying, I promise). I disregarded the company. Should I have said something to them? Those were basically my only two requirements after finishing out that they had no reading fee and were open to unsolicited queries. 

Anyway, I should get back to the search and start writing out these queries. I just wanted to check in with you guys and let you know what was going on. Do you have any other resources that I should look into?