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Pre-publishing Check List

I’m almost done editing my novel for the last time. (I know, I’ve been saying that for a long time now, but I mean it this time). So what should I be doing while my cover artist is working her magic? 

I’ve got a list of things that I need to do before I got publish, but I just want to make sure that I’m not forgetting anything. 

  1. Get a cover. I’m working on that. 
  2. Write a synopsis. I’m working on this too.
  3. Set up a newsletter. I’m not sure about this. Is it necessary?
  4. Update blog/Facebook page with my pen name. I’ll be doing this in the next couple days/weeks.
  5. Set up Twitter account. I’ve done this, and once I change my name here I’ll let you know what it is.
  6. Advertise/Promote. I’ll work on this once I have a cover.

What am I forgetting? I’m sure there’s something.

Writing and Editing


I finally have my prologue the way I like it. I think. I wound up cutting roughly 5,000 words. Yikes. I think it works better now though, so I’m ok with the loss. And by doing so, I open up a possible prequel opportunity. I’m not completely sold on the idea, but at least it’s there if I want to.

Now I get to move on to the easy part of the final edit so hopefully it will be a breeze. I just have a few typos that need to be fixed, along with a few plot holes that were supposed to have been taken care of.

I’m on vacation this week (it needs to slow down, it’s already Tuesday), so I have all the time in the world between fishing, swimming, and spending time with our families to work on this. I’m hoping to finish again this week so I can keep my publication date. I need to give my cover artist time to work her magic, so the sooner I finish the better.

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Final Draft…Again…For Real…I Hope

Does this happen to anyone else? You have a final version that you’re relatively happy with so you give it to people to read and then they give you feedback to make it even better. So then you go and make a final folder on your laptop, you fix the novel and then you give it to other people. And then more feedback. Does thisbcucle ever end?!

I met with my cover artist today, and it was a productive meeting. We didn’t actually talk about my cover though. At least not in very much detail. I told her how big I wanted it and what two colors to play around with. And on my way home I thought of a font that I want her to use…I should probably tell her that.

Instead we talked about changes in my novel that probably should be made, or at least thought about. 
So it’s back to the laptop again. Sigh. Oh well, we actually came up with some brilliant ideas that I’m looking forward to writing. One of them being my prologue. (I know what you’re thinking about a prologue, but it’s necessary and it’s going to tie in with my epilogue and maybe a few sections throughout, I haven’t quite decided yet). I basically get to rewrite it again. But it will actually work out better because then I get to write a novella that flushes out my current prologue. (I don’t want to give away too much so hopefully that wasn’t confusing.)

She also solved several of my other issues that my husband and I couldn’t figure out how to fix. In short, my cover artist is amazing.

Well, I’m off to decipher my notes. 

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Writer’s Workshop

A couple days ago I was wasting time on Facebook when I saw a post about an event near me on publishing. So I sent my husband a text asking if he wanted to go and he agreed, so this morning we went. And I learned a lot! I took two pages worth of notes in a relaxed environment, and we just barely scratched The surface. The woman hosting it provided material that I hadn’t even considered. 

My favorite piece of advice was “Every author is afraid.”  Initially it sounds disheartening, but after thinking about it for awhile it became more reassuring. I’m not the only one going through the self-doubt phase (again). And everything will be ok and work out.

Another helpful idea she said was to go to a bookstore and look at the books. Look at what size they are and see which one you like the best. Also look at things like font, chapter headings, page numbers, and other little things that one doesn’t typically think about looking at.  That way you have an idea for how you want your own book to look.

The final thing that I’ll mention is she said you (as the author) are the best person to sell your book. You wrote it so you know what it’s about and who to target it towards.

I lied, this is for real the last thing. Fall in love with the writing process. Part of that process is the self-doubt and rejection, but so is finally getting to say I am a writer.

Writer Problems

I’m Frustrated

I’m in a venting mood today, which is odd as I have the day off. I should be in a great mood. Oh well, it happens I guess.

I’ve been at the library for about an hour and I’m struggling to find anything about becoming an editor. (Although I may have found some books that are related, I’m not quite sure yet). JR, your friend is going to get back to me soon, life just has been busy for him as I’m sure you know. So in the meantime, I have been trying to research on my own. To no avail. Even Wikipedia hasn’t been that helpful.

And then, earlier this morning my amazing husband gave me another idea. I should write a children’s book about my stuffed hippo and all of his adventures. (I have been posing him, doing things around the house. Yesterday he vacuumed. It’s kind of a long story so we’ll leave it at that). I thought writing a children’s book was a brilliant idea. Why didn’t I think of that? I haven’t found much about doing that either. Although, I haven’t asked Google yet.

Writer's Life

I Think I’ve Found My Calling 

Well at least my husband thinks I have. Since January I’ve been in full edit mode right. So I’ve been finding inconsistencies in other forms of story telling (except my own ironically). It may be getting to the point where I’m annoying him by pointing things out. 

He mentioned the orher day that he thinks I should be an editor. I have to agree with him on that. I like to think I’m good at it. It’s not that I don’t like writing, I love it. I crave creating new worlds and lives of characters. It’s my own way of distracting myself from unfortunate events that I have to deal with. I won’t bore yoiu weith the details of them. However, I think editing may be a way to help establish my own writing career. Or it could be my career and writing can continue to be a hobby. 

Now I just need to do don’t research in how to become one. Does anyone have any resources and or connections for where to start? I would greatly appreciate it.

Writer Problems

Why Can’t You Just Cooperate?

​I’ve got one scene that decided to be the problem child. I switch POV for a paragraph at the end of a chapter and I’m trying to elaborate more on it but it’s not working. I’m not sure if it’s me just being too fussy about it and it’s really ok to just leave it, or if it does actually need to be changed. I’m still playing around with it but for whatever reason it doesn’t want to go.

I may have gotten to the point in this novel where I’m just making changes for the sake of making changes, and the changes I make are irrelevant. Have any of you gotten to that point? What did you do when you came to that realization? 

I’ve decided that this is For Real the absolute last time I’m reading/editing this novel until an agent says otherwise. (I haven’t decided if I’m going to deal with my adverb problem or not just yet. I probably should but that’s just enabling another opportunity to make major changes. Maybe I’ll just single out the adverbs in a separate document). 

Thanks for listening to me vent my frustration out on you guys.

Writing and Editing

Quick Question

​I was reading my novel again for the last time and this paragraph reminds me of something, but I’m not sure if I’m just being paranoid or if it really does so I figured I’d ask you guys. If you don’t come up with the same thought that I had I’ll assume it’s ok, and I’ll tell you what I think after I’ve received some feedback. Also if you have any other suggestions for making it better feel free and mention that too. Thanks in advance for your help! 
Leila Portabella was the only daughter of a wealthy land merchant in France. Her mother had died giving birth to her baby brother who died shortly after he was born. Her father never got over the loss, and Leila was a constant reminder of what he had just lost, so he busied himself with work to avoid confronting his grief. He didn’t have the time or desire to take care of Leila so he  left her under the care of a governess. The woman did her best to engage Leila and teach her what she needed to know, but Leila missed her parents and she struggled to stay focused on her work. Before the death of her mother, Leila’s father often doted on his daughter, but since their loss, he traveled far away, often for months at a time. Leila tried her best to be a well behaved little girl, but she could never quite figure out how to please the governess.

Writing and Editing

Almost Done! I Just Need a Break. 

​Red Pen of Doom!  Thanks JR Handley for bringing this phrase to my attention. I’ve used it four times now on my social media sites.While I’m at it feel free and like my page on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter (@nicholequade). 

I love this phrase. But I hate the pen. I was on track to having added a lot of words to my novel (roughly 5000). But then when I was editing yesterday and today I deleted a lot. Hopefully for better?  

I’ve got two chapters and a scene yet to edit and I would have had them done by now probably,  except that I decided to add a couple new chapters. I have to make up for the words I deleted. Haha! (I’m not adding words for the sake of adding words I promise. I came up with this thought a couple weeks ago). I just finally got to the part in the novel where I need to add them. I started writing this scene awhile back and now I’m trying to connect it with the rest of the story. That and I moved some things around to have more of a build up in the ending. 

Once I’m done with all the writing/editing (by the end of the month at the latest) I’m going to print it off and make sure that it flows and that the time line works and then that’s it. It’s going to be sent out into the world. 

I think I’m going to be done for the night though. My writing is getting a little too weird for my liking. I hope your writing is going well. I’d love to hear from you. 

Writing and Editing

I Think I’ve got my Groove Back!

I wrote three days in a row last week, took a day off, and then wrote two days in a row! Woot woot! I think I’m almost out of the root that I’ve been in although I’m still trying to figure some things out in my life.(Any suggestions on what to think about are greatly appreciated). I just thought you’d be pleased to hear that I’ve gotten back the spark/desire to write again.