Writing and Editing, Writing Contest

Happy New Year! 

​Well I didn’t get my story done in time for the writing contest deadline. Only because my husband decided that I needed to rewrite the whole thing.(And since I value his feedback/trust his judgment I decided to follow his advice). He basically wanted me to add a scene at the beginning and then change POV. I started doing all that and then I got distracted/lazy and I didn’t finish it. Oh well. By the time the next contest comes around it should be ready to go.

I’m also waiting to hear back from my beta readers so I can go through my first novel. Again. I’ve lost track of how my times I’ve gone through it. Hopefully this will be the last?!

Today is also the first time I’ve sat in my office this winter. I had plans to utilize the space in November, but it was too cold. (I do have a space heater but it isn’t quite enough I’m debating going back upstairs any minute).