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Emulate Other Authors

I was spending way too much time on Facebook yesterday when someone posted about using commas too much (which I have a problem with too, but I’ll talk aboout that later). Anyway, he also mentioned that he read an article that said it is a good idea to retype pages of your favorite authors’ books and it can help you with pacing, style, etc.

Which I thought was a great idea. It turns out my second novel needs a total rewrite and I’m eleven pages away from needing a new project. So I’m going to take this advice. I decided that I’m going to copy Stephen King, Oscar Wilde, and Lori Wick. 

Stephen King, a horror novelist. I’ve read a few of his books and so far The Stand is still my favorite.

Oscar Wilde, a playwright. Also my favorite author. Ironically, I’ve only read The Importance of Being Earnest.

Lori Wick, a Christian romance writer. I absolutely loved her novel, The Princess. 

It should make for an interesting style combo to say the least. Now I need to get reading. What are your favorite books by any/all of these authors?

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This May Be a Bad Idea

I keep my husband around for a reason. He and I were talking over dinner, shocker, I know, and the conversation got weird but we came up with a brilliant idea. The problem is, it’s not really a genre that I write in. It was too good of an idea to bypass though so we decided to write it together. 

Hopefully we don’t kill each other in the process. I personally give it a out a week. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress of this story.  So far we’ve got about 300 words written. (We had more, but someone cut a bunch of mine).

To change topics drastically I just wantes to tell you all that I’ve got about 40 pages yet to edit on my own novel before it gets sent to my editor (aka my mother-in-law) and my cover artist. I’m super excited about this and hopefully it will be out in time for Christmas. 

Writing and Editing

I Started A New Project

​My husband and I were talking over dinner last week and he said the most epic line I’ve ever heard. I asked him if I could use if for the opening line in my next story. (I’m not sure the length yet, it’s still a baby idea). He said I could so I’ve spent the last week trying to figure out characters, plot, etc.

Well tonight I decided to start the writing process! I’ve only got four sentences so far but I’ll have you know, I don’t have a single adverb! (There’s still time though).

I’m still flushing some thoughts out but j just wanted to tell you all the exciting news. I’m not going to lie, it feels good to start a new project from scratch. The timing could be better as I’ve got about 17ish other projects going on right now in addition to working full time, but if I wait then I’ll probably forget. 

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How’d I get so Busy?

On the plus side this is helping me out ot my internal issues of boredom. I don’t have the time to be bored! 

I’m reviewing one book, editing another,  I’ve got three of my own to edit (I think I’m giving the fourth one up. It was just a filler project and I don’t really like it. We’ll see though), book club, 2 blogs, and a full time job. Not to mention in about a week I’ll have a husband again. I married an accountant and tax season is finally almost over! And a ton of books to read,  Bible study, and yoga.

If I knew this would have helped I would have actively sought after projects in January. Oh well. Live and learn right? 

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I Had a Crazy Ridiculous Idea

I should be a book reviewer. Like professionally. For money, perhaps through a newspaper or magazine or radical idea blogging. I not sure why it took me so long to figure that out. It would be a great way to combine my journalism degree with my love of reading. Now I just have to find said newspaper, magazine, or blog. (Any suggestions would be great).

In the meantime I’m going to review books here. Better than I have in the past. I’m hoping to brush off the dust of journalism and get back to writing in that style. Fair warning, you guys are the lucky winners that get to be my guinea pigs and read them. 

I also,  here’s a shocker, need to go to the library and research. I need to see what others do and imitate what I like and make my own hybrid style. 

Writing and Editing

Broken Promise

Have you guys ever made a silly promise to yourself and then later you wind up breaking that promise? Well that is exactly what I’m on the verge of doing. 

Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. It’s actually something that I’m ok breaking.  Here it is. After NaNoWriMo last year I promised myself that I wouldn’t start a new novel/short story idea until I did something with what I have (ie edit and publish). I’m close on one of my novels as you know. 

But. This morning I was having a conversation with The Almighty like I’ve been trying to do every morning. And I was asking for help dealing with my feelings of restlessness and similar issues when I had an idea. Now I don’t know if this is divine intervention or me just being rude and not focusing my entire energies to the conversation, but either way I decided that I should write through my issues. As in write a new novel! I was at work when I came up with this idea and I kept saying it over in my head until I was able to go on break and write it down. I’ve got the opening lune almost figured out already. 

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Quick Question

​I was reading my novel again for the last time and this paragraph reminds me of something, but I’m not sure if I’m just being paranoid or if it really does so I figured I’d ask you guys. If you don’t come up with the same thought that I had I’ll assume it’s ok, and I’ll tell you what I think after I’ve received some feedback. Also if you have any other suggestions for making it better feel free and mention that too. Thanks in advance for your help! 
Leila Portabella was the only daughter of a wealthy land merchant in France. Her mother had died giving birth to her baby brother who died shortly after he was born. Her father never got over the loss, and Leila was a constant reminder of what he had just lost, so he busied himself with work to avoid confronting his grief. He didn’t have the time or desire to take care of Leila so he  left her under the care of a governess. The woman did her best to engage Leila and teach her what she needed to know, but Leila missed her parents and she struggled to stay focused on her work. Before the death of her mother, Leila’s father often doted on his daughter, but since their loss, he traveled far away, often for months at a time. Leila tried her best to be a well behaved little girl, but she could never quite figure out how to please the governess.

Writing and Editing


​Mostly. I just need to make sure that the pacing is ok and maybe tweak my characters to make them more likeable (which I probably should have done before I printed) and maybe (hopefully) catch minor details like punctuation and spelling. 

I’m printing it off right now for (if I’m lucky) the last time. Let’s hope the ink and paper supplies can handle the roughly 56,000 words!

Hopefully this is the last time that I have to print this off.
Now let the fun begin. Time to research agents and self publishing and see which route I want to take. Anyone have any suggestions for where I should start? I’ll be making a trip to my local library on Saturday to begin this odyssey. 

While doing that I’ll be editing my third novel for the first time. You’re probably thinking third novel? What about the second one? My best friend currently has it hostage right now but I’ll be getting it back the next time I see her. 

What’s new and exciting with you?

**EDIT** I did have enough paper and ink to get through the printing, but I was running low on ink so it doesn’t look the best. I’m the only one reading this version though so I’m not sure if I care enough to reprint. Again.

Writing and Editing

Almost Done! I Just Need a Break. 

​Red Pen of Doom!  Thanks JR Handley for bringing this phrase to my attention. I’ve used it four times now on my social media sites.While I’m at it feel free and like my page on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter (@nicholequade). 

I love this phrase. But I hate the pen. I was on track to having added a lot of words to my novel (roughly 5000). But then when I was editing yesterday and today I deleted a lot. Hopefully for better?  

I’ve got two chapters and a scene yet to edit and I would have had them done by now probably,  except that I decided to add a couple new chapters. I have to make up for the words I deleted. Haha! (I’m not adding words for the sake of adding words I promise. I came up with this thought a couple weeks ago). I just finally got to the part in the novel where I need to add them. I started writing this scene awhile back and now I’m trying to connect it with the rest of the story. That and I moved some things around to have more of a build up in the ending. 

Once I’m done with all the writing/editing (by the end of the month at the latest) I’m going to print it off and make sure that it flows and that the time line works and then that’s it. It’s going to be sent out into the world. 

I think I’m going to be done for the night though. My writing is getting a little too weird for my liking. I hope your writing is going well. I’d love to hear from you. 

Writing and Editing

I Think I’ve got my Groove Back!

I wrote three days in a row last week, took a day off, and then wrote two days in a row! Woot woot! I think I’m almost out of the root that I’ve been in although I’m still trying to figure some things out in my life.(Any suggestions on what to think about are greatly appreciated). I just thought you’d be pleased to hear that I’ve gotten back the spark/desire to write again.