Writer Problems

Villain’s Point of View

A while back, when my novel was a baby, I thought about having some sections of it be in my villain’s point of view. I squashed that idea thinking that it would take away from the story/give away too much too fast. But then, a few weeks ago, my cover artist suggested it. So now I’m revisiting that option. I think it would/could be fun to write more with her narrating.

I already have this in my two main characters’ points of view, so I’m not sure if I want to add a third narrator. I’m the type of reader who doesn’t like having to keep many storylines straight in my head, so it makes sense that I wouldn’t want to do that to my readers. Three characters to follow isn’t too many is it?

I also have my prologue and epilogue in my villain’s POV and I don’t want to take away from that. 

However, I have a lot of room to play around with. My novel is currently sitting at ~57,000 words and I would like it to be longer. But not at the expense of taking away from/bogging down the current story. Does that make sense?

What is a writer to do?! Maybe add a chapter(?) in the middle just in her view? Just scratch the idea entirely and go with my initial thought process? 

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Day Two of the New Rule

As you recall, I started a new rule yesterday. And yesterday it worked. I got my words in and then I able to check Facebook whenever I wanted. and it felt great to have my writing done early in the day. And if I was going to pick a day to cheat, yesterday would have been an easy one. I was in for 4 am at my other job. So I could have very easily made the excuse/promise that I would write later. But I didn’t. I spent the time before I punched in reading. 

Today is proving to be a challenge. I’ve got a lot of life things on my mind and I’m having a hard time wanting to crank out 500 words. In the meantime, Facebook is looking at me with pitiful eyes. But, I’m trying to follow the rule and not look at it. So far, I haven’t. Pinterest on the other hand…let’s just say I’m taking baby steps and eliminating one distraction at a time.

I know I shouldn’t wait for inspiration, desire, etc to hit, but I’m having a hard time focusing. My muse is distracted with something else. Any suggestions for tempting her to come back? Maybe coffee would help?

On a side note, my cover artist finished reading my 1st book, and she and I are getting together next Monday to discuss what I want her to do. I should probably figure that out soon. I’ve got a rough idea, and by rough I mean I know what colors I want the background and title to be.

Well, I should get back to staring at my notebook and trying to get some words written. 

Writer Problems, Writer's Life

Project ADD

I’ve got some serious focusing issues going on right now. I can’t seem to stick with one project through completion, and it’s driving me nuts.

Here’s the list of projects that I’ve got going on right now:

  1. My first novel. I’ve got it back from both editors. I’m kind of mad at one because he wants me to change the plot…again. 
  2. My second novel which I’m currently rewriting. I think it’s going better than originally written.
  3. My NaNoWriMo novel from last November needs to be edited. I’m looking forward to getting back into that one.
  4. I had an idea a while back about where the main character is a writer. I haven’t really developed it yet.
  5. Hubby and I are still (I think) writing one using the opening line that he gave me.
  6. I came up with an idea yesterday, while visiting my parents, that I’d like to develop.

Maybe I’ll work on a different one every day of the week. Or I should just stop procrastinating and finish one thing at a time.

Writer Problems, Writer's Life

Pen Name Woes

I’ve been thinking (obsessing) about my pen name a lot lately. I’m hopefully, one way or the other, going to be publishing my book early next year. I’ve had a couple ideas that I through by both my moms (my real mom and my mother-in-law) and my best friend and, while I like aspects of it, I’m not 100% sold on it quite yet. I’ve got a potential first and middle name that I would like, but the first name might be too closely related to my actual name that I don’t know if it would be enough. My last name is giving me grief. I have a few requirements for it, but the actual name is being elusive.

And if coming up with one wasn’t proving difficult, now I have to come up with two. I don’t want my “adult’s book” name to be the same as my “children’s book” name. Does that make sense?

This is all probably a cart and a horse problem, but I thought I’d mention it anyway and see what insights you could offer in coming up with a name. If all else fails, I can always ask my parents to rename me…Twice!

Writer Problems

I’m Frustrated

I’m in a venting mood today, which is odd as I have the day off. I should be in a great mood. Oh well, it happens I guess.

I’ve been at the library for about an hour and I’m struggling to find anything about becoming an editor. (Although I may have found some books that are related, I’m not quite sure yet). JR, your friend is going to get back to me soon, life just has been busy for him as I’m sure you know. So in the meantime, I have been trying to research on my own. To no avail. Even Wikipedia hasn’t been that helpful.

And then, earlier this morning my amazing husband gave me another idea. I should write a children’s book about my stuffed hippo and all of his adventures. (I have been posing him, doing things around the house. Yesterday he vacuumed. It’s kind of a long story so we’ll leave it at that). I thought writing a children’s book was a brilliant idea. Why didn’t I think of that? I haven’t found much about doing that either. Although, I haven’t asked Google yet.

Writer Problems

Why Can’t You Just Cooperate?

​I’ve got one scene that decided to be the problem child. I switch POV for a paragraph at the end of a chapter and I’m trying to elaborate more on it but it’s not working. I’m not sure if it’s me just being too fussy about it and it’s really ok to just leave it, or if it does actually need to be changed. I’m still playing around with it but for whatever reason it doesn’t want to go.

I may have gotten to the point in this novel where I’m just making changes for the sake of making changes, and the changes I make are irrelevant. Have any of you gotten to that point? What did you do when you came to that realization? 

I’ve decided that this is For Real the absolute last time I’m reading/editing this novel until an agent says otherwise. (I haven’t decided if I’m going to deal with my adverb problem or not just yet. I probably should but that’s just enabling another opportunity to make major changes. Maybe I’ll just single out the adverbs in a separate document). 

Thanks for listening to me vent my frustration out on you guys.

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I’m Still Alive

I just haven’t really done anything worth mentioning. Sigh. I’m still going through this winter blues? I’m not really sure what to call it. It’s not really pleasant though I can tell you that much. Anyway, I’ve been doing some serious soul searching in hopes of getting myself out of it. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up my writing.  

But since this funk has taken over my life, my writing has suffered. I know this sounds like an excuse and it probably is. I’ve been editing every couple of days or so, but nothing too major. I’m toying with an idea that will take place later in the novel so I’ve got some time to think about it. 

I’ve been reading a lot. I’ve got two books going right now and I’m loving both if them. The first one is Mistborn the Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. I loved it so much that I bought the trilogy on my Kindle so I won’t have to wait for the library to have it available. I’m also reading A Scone to Die for by H.Y. Hanna. I would also recommend this one. I don’t typically read mysteries, but this one is good. 

I hope your writing is going a lot better than mine is as of late.

Writer Problems, Writing and Editing

Writing Binge

Now it was time for a writing binge. It felt amazing! It’s the first time since November that I’ve written over 1000 words. Yikes. 

Anyway I told my husband about my idea for getting my two main characters to spend time together and he didn’t think it was realistic. Initially I didn’t really care what he thought (wife of the year award right there). But after thinking about it and writing it out how I wanted, I realized he was right so I fixed it. Twice. I think. Hopefully he’ll agree with this so I don’t have to change it again and so I can move forward. 

I’m actually happier with it now that I changed it so I really should listen to him more than I do when it comes to my writing. 

Do you have someone that you bounce ideas off? Do you ignore them only to find out that they were right after all? 

Writer Problems, Writing and Editing

Well, I owe Myself $20

That’s right, I wrote 200 words the other day. I decided that’s about the most I can afford to pay myself every day, unfortunately. Oh well, it’s better than nothing. Now I just have to keep up with it.

Yesterday I came up with an idea for my novel that I’m not sure that I want/am able to do. The prologue takes place in France in the 1500’s, so I was thinking that I could/should write that in “old English.” This recent development might be due to reading Jane Eyre, which I’m loving, by the way. I’m not sure if it’s worth changing the prologue again though. That and I think I’m over thinking this whole process. For those of you who have read it, do you think it might be worth playing around with it, or should I just leave it?

I want this to be the last time that I make major changes so I’m taking my time going through it again. (Which is why I’m still rewriting the prologue…that and I’m lacking motivation). I need to just sit down and do it, and I’ve been saying that for awhile now, and I just haven’t done it. Sigh. Maybe I need to take things away from myself until I get my words done in addition to paying myself. I was really hoping that it wouldn’t come to this, but if that’s what I need to do, then so be it.

On the plus side, I’ve gotten a lot of reading done lately. Maybe that’s what I need to focus on to improve my craft. I read somewhere that if you’re not writing you should be reading. Maybe my subconscious is telling me that that’s what I need right now. Or it’s just an excuse for not writing.

Writer Problems


​I haven’t written one word in over a week. Yikes! 

Apparently my bullet journal isn’t working regarding that. (It is helping in a lot of other aspects of my life though so I’m not giving it up just yet). So now I need to come up with a different system. 

A while back I got the idea to start paying myself. It sounds counter productive I know,  to write. I looked into the average cost per word and I did that. I think the reason I stopped was because I had wrist surgery and couldn’t write or do my “real job” to earn the money to pay myself. But now I’m back at work and recovered so I’m going to start doing it again. 

This will hopefully also help with my financial goal of saving $500 a month. Which will help me buy a new laptop and other writing related items. 

What do you do when you’re going through a phase of not writing? 

Edit: I just did the math and in order to save $500/month I have to write less than 200 words a day. I can do that in my sleep.