NaNoWriMo is Over–Now What?

Well fellow writers, November is over. I hope your writing committment went well. Mine did. Well sort of. It was not too fun playing catch up towards then end, but I somehow figured it out.

I can proudly say that I wrote 50,017 words. It’s not a lot over the minimum like some people were able to do, but it’s still over. It’s too bad that I’m going to be deleting a good chunk of them because I finished the story before I hit the word count.

I took yesterday off of writing. I wasn’t even allowed to write a grocery list. Not one word. And around lunch time I felt like I needed to be writing something. I stayed strong and I didn’t do it. However I felt like I’ve been away from you guys for too long, and I couldn’t resist the urge to write something.

Now, this month I’m going to spend reading mostly, and once I hear back from my beta readers in January I’m going to start revisiting my first novel.


I Went on a Writing Binge

​And it was great. I wrote 3200 words this evening, not counting the ones I wrote in my notebook at work (while I was on lunch) today. Unfortunately I’m still about 3 days behind, with only 7 more days to write. Luckily, my amazing husband did most of the cleaning yesterday and today so I should have time to get some words in tomorrow before all the family comes over. (And if not, I don’t need to sleep).

This is going to get tricky, but it’s still doable. I think. I need to refocus the end and try and get back on track for that as well. I wrote a rough outline in early October, but I didn’t really follow it so now I have to rethink everything. It didn’t help that I didn’t add all the characters that I originally planned on adding either. 

I hope your novels are going better than mine is and that you all have a good Thanksgiving!


It’s Safe to Say that I have a lot of Work to do

My husband and I took a week vacation in sunny Arizona, which has been amazing. Just what both of us needed. I’ll tell you about it some other time if you want. But, it’s put a damper on my novel.

I’m about 5700 words behind, but this is still doable. But there’s still two weeks yet to go. We’re going to have a four hour plane ride and then a three hour layover in the airport. I just hope my laptop battery holds out long enough to make more progress. Not to mention, that I’ve been waking up early everyday, and staying up late every night. I really have no excuse for not having written all week. I’m actually thankful that I’m only a little over three days behind.

Well, I should get back at it. Hopefully your words are coming easier than mine are!


So Much for Getting Ahead

​Yeah I was lazy this week and didn’t hit the minimum word count for three days. Oops. So I was behind by about 3000 words until yesterday.  I had the day off and I took full advantage of it. I am now back on track, but I won’t be able to take next week off from writing. I probably wasn’t going to anyway, but I am not allowing myself to take it easy.

I’m hoping to find time around our plans to get some writing in. Worst case I’m a night person so I’ll just write before bed.

My official word count so far is 18,351. How’s your novel coming? 


Decisions Were Made

​Here’s the game plan. 

I’m going to type up my daily 1667 words. Then, as time permits, I’m going to write my additional words in one of my cool Star Wars notebooks. (Yes, I’m one of those people). Then on my days off, I’m going to type up my handwritten words after I reach my 1667.

This is a short post but I figured I should probably tell you all what I decided to do. What’s your game plan?  


Decisions Need to be Made

​And soon too. The major one I have is this. Do I want to type my first draft or hand write it? There are pros and cons to both.

Typing Pros:

  1. I’m a faster typer than writer
  2. I can type in the dark
  3. Auto word counter

Typing Cons:

  1. Microsoft Word and I don’t get along too well
  2. My computer is old and I don’t trust it entirely. 
  3. I have to bring my laptop back and forth from the basement, which is where I’ll be doing the bulk of my writing

Writing Pros:

  1. More portable
  2. Fewer distractions
  3. I get to write in a cool notebook

Writing Cons:

  1. I have to count the words myself
  2. Can’t write in the dark                         
  3. 50,000 words is a lot of words to write by hand

I’m sure there are more pros and cons. What are you planning on doing, and what would you recommend? 

NANOWRIMO, Writing and Editing

What to Write

​I took the past week off so I could prepare for NANOWRIMO.  Starting Monday I have to get back into. I would say tomorrow buy in have company over and we’re going to the Packers-Giants game so time won’t be on my side.

Anyway. I need a story idea. My husband gave me one that I can use if nothing else presents itself, but I wrote one with a similar premise so I’d like to give some space between them if possible. 

Do you have any suggestions for what I should write or where I can find an idea that isn’t Pinterest.  Thanks in advance.

NANOWRIMO, Writing and Editing

Happy October

Well its the 2nd of the month. Hopefully it goes well for everyone. 

This week I’m taking a break from writing (sort of) and I’m preparing my novel for November. Now I’ve been saying this for awhile but this time I actually mean it. I have a lot of work to do and only a week to do it.(And am I doing any of it? No of course not, I’m wasting time on the Internet).

This is a list of what I have to do. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, I’m I just don’t know what at the moment. 

  • Come up with a basic plot based of the short story I have written
  • Type out said short story and assess its strengths and weaknesses
  • Figure out the “rules”
  • Write an outline so I have something to not follow (That’s what usually happens anyway)
  • Work out my settings
  • Come up with a reward system
  • Organize my work space
  • Familiarize myself with the NaNoWriMo website

And this is what I have done. It’s not nearly enough,  but I had daily writing to do so that didn’t give me much spare time to work on it.

  • Make up note cards regarding most of my characters. 
  • Made up my NaNo jars

Have you started preparing yet? What are some things that you are trying to get done before November?