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Final Draft…Again…For Real…I Hope

Does this happen to anyone else? You have a final version that you’re relatively happy with so you give it to people to read and then they give you feedback to make it even better. So then you go and make a final folder on your laptop, you fix the novel and then you give it to other people. And then more feedback. Does thisbcucle ever end?!

I met with my cover artist today, and it was a productive meeting. We didn’t actually talk about my cover though. At least not in very much detail. I told her how big I wanted it and what two colors to play around with. And on my way home I thought of a font that I want her to use…I should probably tell her that.

Instead we talked about changes in my novel that probably should be made, or at least thought about. 
So it’s back to the laptop again. Sigh. Oh well, we actually came up with some brilliant ideas that I’m looking forward to writing. One of them being my prologue. (I know what you’re thinking about a prologue, but it’s necessary and it’s going to tie in with my epilogue and maybe a few sections throughout, I haven’t quite decided yet). I basically get to rewrite it again. But it will actually work out better because then I get to write a novella that flushes out my current prologue. (I don’t want to give away too much so hopefully that wasn’t confusing.)

She also solved several of my other issues that my husband and I couldn’t figure out how to fix. In short, my cover artist is amazing.

Well, I’m off to decipher my notes. 


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