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Project ADD

I’ve got some serious focusing issues going on right now. I can’t seem to stick with one project through completion, and it’s driving me nuts.

Here’s the list of projects that I’ve got going on right now:

  1. My first novel. I’ve got it back from both editors. I’m kind of mad at one because he wants me to change the plot…again. 
  2. My second novel which I’m currently rewriting. I think it’s going better than originally written.
  3. My NaNoWriMo novel from last November needs to be edited. I’m looking forward to getting back into that one.
  4. I had an idea a while back about where the main character is a writer. I haven’t really developed it yet.
  5. Hubby and I are still (I think) writing one using the opening line that he gave me.
  6. I came up with an idea yesterday, while visiting my parents, that I’d like to develop.

Maybe I’ll work on a different one every day of the week. Or I should just stop procrastinating and finish one thing at a time.


14 thoughts on “Project ADD”

  1. Finish the novel to the. Eat of your abilities and publish it. Rinse and repeat, that’s how Rome was built, one step at a time ion a journey to literarry immortality! 📚👍🏻📚

    You got this!!

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      1. Lol! And eventually the orators had their stories written down. Good thing copyright laws weren’t invented yet. Or were they? I’m not up on my ancient Roman history.

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      2. Maybe try blocking off a certain time limit. I saw on Facebook that one last stayed off social media for 90 minutes while she wrote and she claimed the quality was better. Worst case, you’d be eliminating a distraction.

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      3. When you’re done with your book let me know. I found a link via Wikipedia that gave info on copyright law. Because I’m that person. 😉

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      4. LMFAO, will do!! I’m considering renting a no-tell-motel and holing up for a few days. No Wi-Fi, and not leaving until I hit a specified word count. I want to still finish the novel this month so I can push on to book five and wrap up this series.


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