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Emulate Other Authors

I was spending way too much time on Facebook yesterday when someone posted about using commas too much (which I have a problem with too, but I’ll talk aboout that later). Anyway, he also mentioned that he read an article that said it is a good idea to retype pages of your favorite authors’ books and it can help you with pacing, style, etc.

Which I thought was a great idea. It turns out my second novel needs a total rewrite and I’m eleven pages away from needing a new project. So I’m going to take this advice. I decided that I’m going to copy Stephen King, Oscar Wilde, and Lori Wick. 

Stephen King, a horror novelist. I’ve read a few of his books and so far The Stand is still my favorite.

Oscar Wilde, a playwright. Also my favorite author. Ironically, I’ve only read The Importance of Being Earnest.

Lori Wick, a Christian romance writer. I absolutely loved her novel, The Princess. 

It should make for an interesting style combo to say the least. Now I need to get reading. What are your favorite books by any/all of these authors?


7 thoughts on “Emulate Other Authors”

  1. I’ve read a few of Stephen King’s books, and sadly I ended up think them to be too wordy. Oscar Wilde I haven’t rad in a while, and Lori Wick I hadn’t heard of before … :-/ But if you’d like a modern lyrical prose twist, I can recommend John Banville 🙂

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  2. Something that I’ve been told to cut out at all costs is something called a “comma splice” – when a comma is incorrectly used to separate two grammatically complete clauses. E.g “He wanted to go home, he was very tired”. I have to say I highly suspect I’ve let a few slip into my prose somewhere down the line.

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    1. I’ve probably got a ton of those. Hopefully my mother-in-law catches at least some of them. I don’t true myself to look for grammar/spelling errors without rewriting passages.

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  3. I have read many of Stephen Kings books. As a stand alone book The Stand was my favorite as well. That being said The Dark Tower Series is my favorite work of his.

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