Writer Problems

I’m Frustrated

I’m in a venting mood today, which is odd as I have the day off. I should be in a great mood. Oh well, it happens I guess.

I’ve been at the library for about an hour and I’m struggling to find anything about becoming an editor. (Although I may have found some books that are related, I’m not quite sure yet). JR, your friend is going to get back to me soon, life just has been busy for him as I’m sure you know. So in the meantime, I have been trying to research on my own. To no avail. Even Wikipedia hasn’t been that helpful.

And then, earlier this morning my amazing husband gave me another idea. I should write a children’s book about my stuffed hippo and all of his adventures. (I have been posing him, doing things around the house. Yesterday he vacuumed. It’s kind of a long story so we’ll leave it at that). I thought writing a children’s book was a brilliant idea. Why didn’t I think of that? I haven’t found much about doing that either. Although, I haven’t asked Google yet.


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