Writer's Life

I Think I’ve Found My Calling 

Well at least my husband thinks I have. Since January I’ve been in full edit mode right. So I’ve been finding inconsistencies in other forms of story telling (except my own ironically). It may be getting to the point where I’m annoying him by pointing things out. 

He mentioned the orher day that he thinks I should be an editor. I have to agree with him on that. I like to think I’m good at it. It’s not that I don’t like writing, I love it. I crave creating new worlds and lives of characters. It’s my own way of distracting myself from unfortunate events that I have to deal with. I won’t bore yoiu weith the details of them. However, I think editing may be a way to help establish my own writing career. Or it could be my career and writing can continue to be a hobby. 

Now I just need to do don’t research in how to become one. Does anyone have any resources and or connections for where to start? I would greatly appreciate it.


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