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Why Can’t You Just Cooperate?

​I’ve got one scene that decided to be the problem child. I switch POV for a paragraph at the end of a chapter and I’m trying to elaborate more on it but it’s not working. I’m not sure if it’s me just being too fussy about it and it’s really ok to just leave it, or if it does actually need to be changed. I’m still playing around with it but for whatever reason it doesn’t want to go.

I may have gotten to the point in this novel where I’m just making changes for the sake of making changes, and the changes I make are irrelevant. Have any of you gotten to that point? What did you do when you came to that realization? 

I’ve decided that this is For Real the absolute last time I’m reading/editing this novel until an agent says otherwise. (I haven’t decided if I’m going to deal with my adverb problem or not just yet. I probably should but that’s just enabling another opportunity to make major changes. Maybe I’ll just single out the adverbs in a separate document). 

Thanks for listening to me vent my frustration out on you guys.


2 thoughts on “Why Can’t You Just Cooperate?”

  1. Ooohh those pesky adverbs! Starting out as a fairly slow writer, I tended to be able to avoid adverbs in my prose and kicked myself out of the habit of doing using them so often. I guess having one or two dropped in now and again doesn’t hurt. I’d suggest if you’re finding it hard to cut them out, to start out by switching in for a stronger verb; one that already implies what the adverb is modifying without the aid of an adverb itself ie. instead of “he runs quickly” just say “he sprints”. That’s a very basic example but you get the picture. Hope this is useful and good luck with figuring out how to get the scene fit.

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    1. Thanks for that input. I need to build my vocabulary when it comes to verbs. I’m also struggling with ‘only’ and ‘probably’. I gotta work on that too. I should take my time in writing more than I do too….that would help. I’m the type who writes the whole first draft as fast as I can so I get the idea out. But I’m finding that I don’t really like that approach any more.

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