Writing and Editing

Almost Done! I Just Need a Break. 

​Red Pen of Doom!  Thanks JR Handley for bringing this phrase to my attention. I’ve used it four times now on my social media sites.While I’m at it feel free and like my page on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter (@nicholequade). 

I love this phrase. But I hate the pen. I was on track to having added a lot of words to my novel (roughly 5000). But then when I was editing yesterday and today I deleted a lot. Hopefully for better?  

I’ve got two chapters and a scene yet to edit and I would have had them done by now probably,  except that I decided to add a couple new chapters. I have to make up for the words I deleted. Haha! (I’m not adding words for the sake of adding words I promise. I came up with this thought a couple weeks ago). I just finally got to the part in the novel where I need to add them. I started writing this scene awhile back and now I’m trying to connect it with the rest of the story. That and I moved some things around to have more of a build up in the ending. 

Once I’m done with all the writing/editing (by the end of the month at the latest) I’m going to print it off and make sure that it flows and that the time line works and then that’s it. It’s going to be sent out into the world. 

I think I’m going to be done for the night though. My writing is getting a little too weird for my liking. I hope your writing is going well. I’d love to hear from you. 


15 thoughts on “Almost Done! I Just Need a Break. ”

      1. No, it’s not a bad place to visit. I was there 3 times this week. Although the 1st time I went it was closed so maybe that doesn’t count. 😉

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