Writer Problems, Writing and Editing

Writing Binge

Now it was time for a writing binge. It felt amazing! It’s the first time since November that I’ve written over 1000 words. Yikes. 

Anyway I told my husband about my idea for getting my two main characters to spend time together and he didn’t think it was realistic. Initially I didn’t really care what he thought (wife of the year award right there). But after thinking about it and writing it out how I wanted, I realized he was right so I fixed it. Twice. I think. Hopefully he’ll agree with this so I don’t have to change it again and so I can move forward. 

I’m actually happier with it now that I changed it so I really should listen to him more than I do when it comes to my writing. 

Do you have someone that you bounce ideas off? Do you ignore them only to find out that they were right after all? 


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