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Editing My First Novel…Again

I heard back from most of my beta readers regarding my first novel. I’m still waiting for a few responses yet, but I can’t wait forever. So starting on Friday, I’m going to start reviewing what everyone had said and start the process of editing it, hopefully for the last time.

I’ve got a lot to think about and too many plot holes to fix/clarify, but that’s what I wanted my readers to find. I’m really looking forward to working on this project again. I haven’t seen it since last June, so it will be fresh in my mind too.

I’m kind of disappointed (in myself) with all the grammar/typos that they found, but I’m glad that somebody found them. I’d rather fix them now, than have them get sent off to an agent and not be taken seriously because I can’t use a comma (or something else dumb like that).

So thank you once again to all my beta readers, you’re all amazing!


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