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Reading Update

My Mom and I, on Christmas Eve, decided to read the same book at the same time. We’ve done this once before, and we read two books, but then we stopped. (I’m not really sure why, maybe she knows). So we read Dead Girls Don’t Blog by Pamela Frost Dennis (which was my choice) and now we’re reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë (her choice).

Dead Girls Don’t Blog was pretty good. I’m not really a mystery type person, but the title sounded intriguing so I got it on my Kindle. (I did a “free” search about blogging, hoping to get a few books on increasing readers, monetizing, and other helpful information. I’m a nerd, I know, and this was what came up.) I guess there’s a whole series by this author, but I’m too cheap/not sure if I liked them enough to buy them, even though my mom said she would get them for me.

Jane Eyre is ok. I stayed up late reading it last night and at first I wasn’t too sure about it, but it has gotten better. I don’t want to say too much because I’m further than my mom is and she reads this blog. I’m making the rounds of the Brontë sisters, so now I need to find something by Anne. Any recommendations?

Separate and apart from reading a book with my mom, I’m also reading Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice. So far I’m liking it, but I’m only 20 pages in. (I like to read a “real” book at work and a Kindle book at night, thus the two books going at the same time).  This wasn’t really my first choice, in fact I’m not even sure if it’s on my reading list, but I’m waiting for the library to e-mail me to tell me that the book I ordered is in.

What are you reading? I’m always open for interesting books!


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