NaNoWriMo is Over–Now What?

Well fellow writers, November is over. I hope your writing committment went well. Mine did. Well sort of. It was not too fun playing catch up towards then end, but I somehow figured it out.

I can proudly say that I wrote 50,017 words. It’s not a lot over the minimum like some people were able to do, but it’s still over. It’s too bad that I’m going to be deleting a good chunk of them because I finished the story before I hit the word count.

I took yesterday off of writing. I wasn’t even allowed to write a grocery list. Not one word. And around lunch time I felt like I needed to be writing something. I stayed strong and I didn’t do it. However I felt like I’ve been away from you guys for too long, and I couldn’t resist the urge to write something.

Now, this month I’m going to spend reading mostly, and once I hear back from my beta readers in January I’m going to start revisiting my first novel.


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