I Went on a Writing Binge

​And it was great. I wrote 3200 words this evening, not counting the ones I wrote in my notebook at work (while I was on lunch) today. Unfortunately I’m still about 3 days behind, with only 7 more days to write. Luckily, my amazing husband did most of the cleaning yesterday and today so I should have time to get some words in tomorrow before all the family comes over. (And if not, I don’t need to sleep).

This is going to get tricky, but it’s still doable. I think. I need to refocus the end and try and get back on track for that as well. I wrote a rough outline in early October, but I didn’t really follow it so now I have to rethink everything. It didn’t help that I didn’t add all the characters that I originally planned on adding either. 

I hope your novels are going better than mine is and that you all have a good Thanksgiving!


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