So Much for Getting Ahead

​Yeah I was lazy this week and didn’t hit the minimum word count for three days. Oops. So I was behind by about 3000 words until yesterday.  I had the day off and I took full advantage of it. I am now back on track, but I won’t be able to take next week off from writing. I probably wasn’t going to anyway, but I am not allowing myself to take it easy.

I’m hoping to find time around our plans to get some writing in. Worst case I’m a night person so I’ll just write before bed.

My official word count so far is 18,351. How’s your novel coming? 


9 thoughts on “So Much for Getting Ahead”

      1. Me too! Although I’m spending the week on the other side of the country, so that may be more of a contributing factor. And look on the bright side, we’re half way through the month.

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      2. True, but I’m way behind! I just hit 17k and I need to catch up. But I also edit as I go, making sure the book is closer to edit ready than a pure fast draft. It sorta hurts you NaNo wise, but the book needs to be good not just 50k. Only judging my own process though, as I just had a devilish re-write because I rushed. Never again!

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      3. I know how that goes! I have so many plot holes in my NaNo book right now it’s not even funny. I’ll be busy fixing it when I finish 😉

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