Decisions Need to be Made

​And soon too. The major one I have is this. Do I want to type my first draft or hand write it? There are pros and cons to both.

Typing Pros:

  1. I’m a faster typer than writer
  2. I can type in the dark
  3. Auto word counter

Typing Cons:

  1. Microsoft Word and I don’t get along too well
  2. My computer is old and I don’t trust it entirely. 
  3. I have to bring my laptop back and forth from the basement, which is where I’ll be doing the bulk of my writing

Writing Pros:

  1. More portable
  2. Fewer distractions
  3. I get to write in a cool notebook

Writing Cons:

  1. I have to count the words myself
  2. Can’t write in the dark                         
  3. 50,000 words is a lot of words to write by hand

I’m sure there are more pros and cons. What are you planning on doing, and what would you recommend? 


11 thoughts on “Decisions Need to be Made”

  1. You should get a talk to text set up, it would suit you well. You use it to read the stories you write by hand, it converts it into Word. Then you fix the formatting issues and you’re ready for your editor. Also, this solves the word count issue. Just a thought.

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