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I Almost Didn’t Get My Writing Done Today


I’m getting in the habit of writing everyday that way come November I shouldn’t be too shocked by the consistency. I’m not writing 1667 words everyday, but I’m building my way up to it. 

Well tonight was the night that I almost broke my 24 (now 25) day streak of writing in a row. Although to be fair I’ve written everyday since August 28th except for one. And I gave myself the day off. Yeah that was a mistake as it was hard to get back into writing the next day. So my lesson was learned. No days off until December. 

So back to the story. By the time my husband was ready to go to bed I had only written about half of the words that I needed to. He wanted me to come to bed with him (understandably, I sleep better with him next to me too). So I almost didn’t finish. Almost. I remembered that I have this nifty app on my phone that let’s me type notes (I’m actually using it right now so I don’t use up all my data, I’ll talk about that issue later) and before I went to bed I downloaded a word counter, which is an even niftier app. 

Ultimate Notepad. This is the app I use to write my blog posts and tonight, about 500 words.

So I was able to write in bed with the lights off (my vision is already terrible) and not only did I hit my word count for the day. I went 82 words over it! And my story is almost done. I have to try and squeeze 1800 more words out if it so I don’t stop mid-story to prepare my NaNoWriMo project next week. I don’t think that’s going to happen though. Maybe I’ll start my preparations a day earlier than I intended.


8 thoughts on “I Almost Didn’t Get My Writing Done Today”

      1. I still haven’t gotten used to the idea of talking to the computer. At least not while it’s supposed to be listening and recording what I say. 😉


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