Writer Problems

Typing vs. Handwriting

Last night I started typing up my short stories so I could get in the habit of typing again in preparation for NANOWRIMO. I haven’t typed anything since last April, and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t miss it.

It might just have to do with my  word processing program (I’m currently using Microsoft Word). My fingers slip and I accidentally use the keyboard commands to underline, or highlight all the text. Earlier this morning I accidentally closed the program without saving my progress so I had to type it all again. (I was not too happy about that by the way).

I’m hoping that I don’t run into these problems come November, but I have a feeling that I will. However, I don’t really want to hand write 50,000 words either. 

What writing program are you using and do you like it? Have you run into similar problems as I have?  I’ve heard good things about Scrivner, but I don’t want to invest in it just yet because I’m hoping to buy a new laptop next year.Or maybe I’ll just buy a typewriter and not have to worry about any of these problems. What would you recommend? 


9 thoughts on “Typing vs. Handwriting”

  1. I use Scrivener, and the good thing about this program is that you can get rid of all the clutter, you can organise your writing however it suits you, and you can use it on more than one computer. I use a Mac desktop and a Macbook, and installed it on both. The licence covers all computers in your house from memory. I know it’s expensive, but it is so much better for creativity and productivity than Word. I love it.

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    1. That’s good to know 🙂 I’m hoping to invest in this program once I get a new computer. Mine is acting up right now and doesn’t like to go on the Internet. It’s becoming a problem. How do you like your Macs? I’m thinking about making the switch but I want my computer to be able to communicate with my android phone. I’m not sure if I’m ready to switch my phone over yet.

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  2. I tend to write bullet note outlines, so if I loose work I still have the templet. The good thing about hand writing is you can’t loose it to a virus. Also, that would be a great way to utilize a program like DRAGON PRO to get it into Word.

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    1. I had the story handwritten, thankfully, so I didn’t lose it entirely. It was just frustrating that I had to retype it. Dragon Pro. Never heard of it. What is its functionality?

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      1. Dragon Pro is a talk to text program. Instead of typing your story, you talk it and beautiful magic happens. If you write by hand, it would definitely help you get it to Word quicker.


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