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Exciting News Part 2

​Still not as exciting as publishing a book, but it’s a close second. 

The other day I was sent an email asking me to start writing for another blog. After talking it over with my husband, my mom and his, and my best friend, I decided to do it. 

I know what you’re thinking, and no I’m not going to abandon you guys. This other blog encourages people to keep up their own blog too. So I will be attempting to maintain 2 blogs and continue to work on my fiction along with a full time job and a house to take care of. This will be interesting. 

That’s pretty much it. Once I get started on that blog I’ll post a link to that one so you can follow me there too if you want. Im hopimg to not limit that blog to just writing, which is the main purpose of this one. I’m hoping to get started on that tomorrow. (I can’t post anything from my phone on that blog as of right now, which is why I’ll have to wait).

Anything newsy with you guys?


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