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NaNo Prep

​I think I’ve finally decided what I’m going to write in November! I played around with two of my three ideas and it helped me discover the route to take. 

The story I wrote last week has so much potential for me to add back story and go into more detail and as I was trying to finish it I realized that I couldn’t really end it in a way that I liked for a short story. 

But just to make sure,  I wrote out the second idea that I had, just to see what I could do with it. The words came easily enough, but the story petered out around page five so I ended it.

The original idea that I was going to write is going to go on the back burner for now as I have a lot of research to do for it and I’m not really sure if I’m ready for that kind of commitment just yet.

Now I just have to organize my thoughts and my soon to be work space and I should be all set.

Are you participating in NANOWRIMO? Have you thought about what you’re going to write? If you are, good luck!  If you want a writing buddy feel free and add me and our fellow blogger jrhandleyblog   my username is mrswintheiser and his is Porkchop NCR. 


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