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Short Story Adventures

​Before earlier this summer I’ve never really written short stories. At least none that I really enjoyed writing. But so far I’ve written two and I actually like the feeling of having accomplished something. (Not that writing novels isn’t an accomplishment). It’s just nice to say that I finished a story. 

I actually finished one this morning. (On day three of my new writing schedule for the month). I have a goal of writing one a week, which I might have to change if these trends continue. Anyway I was 157 words short of my 500 words/day so I had to start another one because I didn’t want to drag out the ending of the first one.

My 2nd short story prompt of the week. Thank you Pinterest.

The new story is going ok. I think it got weird fast (I’m stopping at the end of each line whether the sentence is done when I hit 500 words) so I’ve only written about half a page. Do you ever get that feeling about your writing? How do you fix it or get past that feeling? Maybe I’ll start it over tonight or think of a way to move it in a different direction. 
How is your writing coming along? 


11 thoughts on “Short Story Adventures”

      1. Perhaps it’s because after two books with the same characters and settings you’ve grown more attached to it so you don’t want to make the necessary(?) changes. I’ve never written a sequel so I could be totally off base here…

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