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I’ve Been Thinking

​Well sort of. I have one novel (if you want to call it that) that is ready to be published. It’s got a beginning, middle, and end that make sense,  it’s all polished up, and overall I’m ok with it.

Enter problem one: I feel like it might be too predictable. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve read it too many times and it’s just me being paranoid, or if it actually is.

Enter problem two: I don’t think it’s long enough. It’s just over 46,000 words, which sounds like a lot but I’ve done research and novels range anywhere from 45,000 to 90,000. I realize that my story falls into that category (barely) but I feel like it needs more. However, I don’t want to add words for the sake of adding words and I don’t want to force the story. 

I feel that if I fix problem one it will help with problem two. What do you think I should do? Do you have any suggestions for making a story less predictable?  (And don’t just say throw in a plot twist). I realize that I’m asking for help on a story none of you have read. Might you be interested in reading it?


7 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking”

  1. Solution: FIND ALPHA/BETA READERS!! They’ll help you catch things and find things you didn’t even see or consider. Someone you trust, who will provide you good feedback. More than “I liked it,” “It was good” or “can’t wait to read more!” Those comments are great, stroke your ego but ultimately don’t help you grow as a writer. As for length, you’re in an okay range to self publish it at one of those lower price points. Might I suggest you read my post on Critique Partners and head on over to Kim Chance’s page to find one! I have tried them myself, but I’ve HEARD that WattPad or GoodReads might be a place to go for feedback.


  2. That was my same thought too… find another writer to read it. Preferably not your mother or significant other (i.e., find someone who will tell you like it is).. and they will definitely give you context for where you are and where you need to go.


    1. I need to find someone to do that for me. It doesn’t really help that I have trust issues, and absolutely no reason for them. 😑


      1. I think the world makes us that way. I could read a few chapters if you like, but I can’t commit to a full reading… I know myself 😉 try googling Beta readers and see if you can find a community!


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