Agent/Publisher Search

Agent Search

​While I was on my medical leave a few months ago, I started the process of searching for an agent to represent my first novel. I queried 7 agents (apparently, I thought I only contacted 6 but whatever) and I double checked my email and I’ve heard back from everyone. I am now the proud owner of 7 rejection emails. It’s fine, sort of, as I wasn’t expecting to find an agent on the first try. 

Anyway, now that I’ve heard back I’m ready to start my next round of sending out letters, and I’ve learned some things about the process. (For example I’ve learned what simultaneous submissions means, I know it sounds pretty self – explanatory). 

That all being said, does anyone have any recommendations for where I should go from here? I started with this book,

The book I used to start my search.

and I know it’s out of date, but it was still very helpful. (I thought I was ready when I bought it, but I wasn’t). Also might anyone be interested in reading my letter to see if it makes sense and/it needs anything? I’m more than willing to repay the favor.


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      1. Again, The Listeners of the Dead Robot Society helps. The Facebook group for them is active and they support each other in learning the process. Also, there are a few podcasts on self publishing. In addition, check out the NaNoWriMo Every Month Podcast and blog. Author J. Daniel Sawyer runs it and it is very helpful. Check out various YouTube types: Kim Chance, Jenna Moreci, Kristen Martin, and Vivian Reis. They’re all self published or have blogs on the topic.

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