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Maybe I Wasn’t Ready to Start Writing

I think I’m just procrastinating, but I don’t think I’m ready to write quite yet as I’m still coming up with characters. (I know I said I was done with the pre-writing a week ago). I’ve got the main ones named for the most part; I need a couple surnames yet. I’m also working on their descriptions.

My characters so far.
Now I’m trying to think of some of the other people I’m going to need in the story. This probably isn’t that critical to the actual story, but like I said earlier I’m just putting off the actual writing. That, and I’m enjoying using the note cards, perhaps a little too much. Maybe I should just write the whole story on them instead of a notebook. 

Do you go to these lengths of character development or do you just dive right into the story? When do you decide that enough is enough?


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