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What’s Your Style? 

​First off, I would like to apologize for  not writing to you guys lately. Life got a little busy. 

I usually write the story from beginning to end. I’m thinking about writing this story scene by scene, not necessarily in the order that it all happens. I’ve never written this way before so it could be fun but it has the potential to lead to many problems. (Not that writing from start to finish doesn’t have its own problems).

I have a few scenes that I want to write so I can take out some frustrations, but they don’t happen until much later on the story. I’m not sure if I want to wait until I get to them (although I’ll probably have the same frustrations then) or if I should just write them now and take out my current issues. 

What do you guys usually do? Have you written this way before and has it worked out ok? 


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Style? ”

  1. I write my story from beginning to end, I HAVE to to work around my TBI. Otherwise, I get confused… and that isn’t pretty! I DO outline, so I guess I COULD try writing scenes ahead of myself? I think if I wrote the various arc, it could work but then its still really in order so….

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  2. I think if there’s a scene you particularly want to write then that’s a good incentive to write the rest. For me, I tend to go over that scene a few times in my head, write one or two good lines and then wait because usually what has happened earlier will really influence what I write.

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