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Starting my First Draft

​Today is the day. I’m done with all my brainstorm session and I’m finally starting the actual writing.  At least I will on lunch hour. I just need to come up with three names yet, but I have five hours between now and lunch to get that squared away. I might have the heroine’s name, but I’m not 100% sure that I like it yet. So I just have to come up with the hero’s name and the antagonist’s. I’m not worried about the minor characters as of right now.

Anyway,  I’ve got the setting (at least a couple of basic places. I’ll go into more detail as I write, and I know about what time period). the major plot points from beginning to end are figured out, although I’m not sure about a couple of them. I think I just wrote them to fill the note cards, but we’ll see what happens as I go.

My story as indicated by note cards. Now I just have to fill in the details.
I’ve also got my notebook and pen so I’m prepared that way too. In the past I always had to use the same color pen for an entire draft and it was fine, but this time around I might change colors when I change points of view. (It depends on how far I get this afternoon and if I can find another color pen in my purse).

Getting ready to write.

How do you guys come up with character names? Do you have a favorite website or book that you use? 


17 thoughts on “Starting my First Draft”

  1. First, hand writing it… Wow, just wow. As for names, that is hard for me too… I tend to use random name generators and play with it until I like the way it sounds. For bit players and minor characters I’m less picky. And for various cultures, I tend to come up with a naming pattern and write it down so I can duplicate it down the line. I do that with speech patterns too, for consistency.

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    1. So do you just Google search “name generator”? And yeah I like to hand write the first draft. A notebook and pen are more portable than a laptop. (As in lighter, will fit in my purse, and less fragile. ) Minor characters are easier for me to name too. 😉

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      1. Is Scrivner free or relatively cheap? I’ve heard good things about it but I haven’t actually used it. Maybe when I get a new laptop I’ll get it too.

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      2. I looked it up online and it was on sale forb $34.99 plus tax. But only through August 8th. I kind of want to wait until I get a new laptop before I commit to it so I don’t have to buy it twice.

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      1. Ooh where did you go? That’s ex 8 that they have two. I haven’t gotten that far yet. (I’m a terrible person I know). It’s in my car so I’ll listen to it on my way home from work around 6 and I’ll tell you when I get home. 🙂

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      2. I started listening to Bon Iver. I only got through the first 4 songs though. I’m not sure how I like it as of right now, but I think it would be an easy band to write to/interpret.

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      3. Ahh yeah, I discovered Bon Iver when listening to a playlist so it grew on me the more I listened to it. I think track 7 is my favourite. Perhaps invest in Spotify at some point. There are some great pre-made playlist for everything!

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