Writing and Editing

Writing Again

​I found a bunch of writing prompts from Pinterest  (Among other things such as potential characters and settings).Anyway, this is the first one I chose to write about.

The first prompt I was able to write about and make work. Thank you Pinterest.
I had an idea about where I wanted it to go, but my moral compass wouldn’t let me go there. I felt just thinking about it. It’s not like anyone is going to see this anyway, at least not at this stage in the process. The point of this exercise is to just get me writing anything again and to get in the habit of writing everyday and I know this.  How do you guys get past that? (I’m not saying that I want to write x-rated material, but I don’t want my characters to be perfect, goody-goody, one-demnsional either).

Anyway, I wrote a page based on this promt yesterday.  and I feel like it has a lot of potential to be a longer story if I want to pursue it. 

Today however, I’m going to start something else. Maybe I’ll write a page about where this story takes place. Or I’ll write about the two main characters (who still remain nameless.) I kind of like the idea if them not knowing each other’s names though, especially if I can get past my personal issues, so I’m not worried about naming them quite yet. Or I might start something completely different and unrelated to this story, I haven’t decided yet. 


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