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Writing Day 1ish

​Well as promised here’s a picture of my new notebook to be used for my writing journal.  It’s nothing special but it has enough sparkle to hopefully entice me to actually use it.

My fancy new writing journal.
I also,as per recommendation, ordered a Bon Iver CD from the library. (It was available so I shouldn’t have to wait too long before I can listen to it.) Thanks again A Road TO Writing for the tip.

Today was a reading day though,  which are also crucial to a writer’s life, so I don’t feel too guilty about it. (Before I read though I did edit my short story, so I did do something productive). Anyway my husband had to mow the lawn and I decided to work on my tan. 5 hours later I finished Me Before You and I got about 70 pages into its sequel, After You. And our lawn looks amazing. 

My husband mowing the lawn and my tanning set up.
Tomorrow will probably be the first day that I actually write in my new notebook. (Unless I find something inspiring tonight yet, which is possible). I just need to figure out what to start with. Maybe I’ll do a character sketch or I’ll create a world. It depends on my mood and if I find something better to do.

Where do you go for inspiration? Do you people watch or do you look up pictures online? Which do you prefer doing? 


5 thoughts on “Writing Day 1ish”

  1. Sorry I pushed the wrong button 🙂 the album has a river with pine trees on either side of the water and there’s a little cabin in the middle. I tried to add a picture but I’m not able to here. I will definitely let you know how I like it.

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