Writing and Editing

I Should be Writing

​I want to be writing. There is just something going on in my mind that’s blocking my writing skills. Pretty much since I’ve finished my third novel length story I’ve really had no desire to write. I’m not sure if it is because that story was so depressing,  I’m not feeling inspired,  or what the deal is, I just can’t commit. I feel like what I do start is terrible and I give up on it before I give it a chance.

It probably doesn’t help that I’m waiting to hear back from a few agents in regards to my first novel. What I have heard back is not in my favor and that’s not helping my current feelings of self doubt which in turn are hindering my writing. I wasn’t expecting to find someone right away, but at the same time, being patient isn’t one of my strong suits. 

Has anyone else been in a slump like this? What did you do to get out of it? 


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