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I Need to Write, but I Don’t Know What

I’ve been on vacation from my steady paycheck job this past week and guess what, I haven’t written one word. (Well, except this blog of course.) I’m kind of between projects at the moment and I’m not sure what I want to do. I feel like I should write a short story so I can earn some publishing credentials, but I’m not exactly sure what to write about. I started a story about three weeks ago about an extroverted man who slowly slips into introversion, but it wasn’t going anywhere fast so I abandoned it. (It still has potential and I might revisit it when I become truly desperate for something to write.) So now I’m stuck between not knowing what to write, but feeling lost because I haven’t written anything.

I guess I basically have a case of writer’s block going on and I’m not disciplined enough (yet) to work through it. Either that, or there are way too many distractions and I don’t really want to focus on anything.I tried enlisting my husband and brother in this new endeavor, but my brother didn’t really want to participate, so I gave up. So now, I’m sitting at my mom’s computer typing this blog hoping it will give my creative juices the spark they need to start flowing again. I don’t think it’s working though. Maybe that’s my other problem, I’m trying to hard.

What do you do when you’re dealing with writer’s block? What do you do to get in the writer’s zone? How do you come up with new ideas?

PS. I apologize for the lack of picture again. I just don’t think a blank sheet of lined paper is all that interesting. I promise I will include something more exciting to look at in the future.


3 thoughts on “I Need to Write, but I Don’t Know What”

  1. What I generally so is exactly what you did.. write down something.. anything.. just put pen to paper and get it flowing.. a good exercise is to sit at a new place.. one that you’ve never been to and describe down what you see around you.. probably you’ll find an inspiration! In fact.. I am going through a bad case myself.. but writing things down.. anything.. is helping.. for eg. This is what I wrote recently http://wp.me/p2NEQk-97
    Hope it helps you too!


    1. I guess I’ve never thought about going somewhere I’ve never been before. (I’m really good at getting lost so it shouldn’t be a problem ;)) I used to ride the city bus and write about the people I saw on it, just to get character sketches, maybe I should start doing that again…

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